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Devon’s Next Great T-shirt


Last year’s Devon t-shirts were a huge hit.  They also had a lot of people

Approaching me and telling me “you know what should be on the next

T-shirt?” Well now is your chance to design and try to win.  These t-shirts/tank tops will be to celebrate 4th of July at Devon 2021. 

Once I receive the designs they will be sent to membership to vote – the design with the most votes will win $100 cash!  I need to receive back your designs by Wednesday June 16th – to Some information from the t-shirt company in regards to the deisgn:

As for the new design, we will totally help get it print-ready for you. If it is something hand-drawn we will probably need to scan it here. I would tell anyone that might be submitting something that if they are using Photoshop or other apps, they will want to keep the original file and have it setup as 300 dpi. Do not trash the original file before exporting out as JPG or anything. We also have our art guidelines on our website in the info/faq section.

As a reminder here is last year’s shirt

Good Luck!!