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Membership Information

As with life, the best times at Devon are unscripted. On any given summer day, members will pack their coolers with lunch, dinner, and adult beverages for those over 21 and set up in the 1960s era pavilion to relax with friends. Untethered from iPads, televisions, or other electronics, Devon kids are free to invent new games, make friends from other schools, learn a new trick off the Devon high dive and develop into their best selves.

Devon prides itself on being able to offer affordable summer fun and Our membership numbers have been increasing over the past several years and in 2022 we actually had to place a capacity limit on new memberships. However, we are happy to announce that we will have openings for new members for our 2024 season. If you would like to join us, please complete the following form to guarantee your spot.

2024 Season Rates

Full Access

  • Family – $695
  • Couple – $495
  • Single – $350
  • Single (18 to 30) – $250
  • Single (Senior 75+) – $200

Tennis Only

  • Couple – $300
  • Single – $190
  • Single (USTA Member) – $100
  • High School Student – $75