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4th of July at Devon

If you want my opinion there is no place better to be on the 4th of July than Devon.  This is a day of fun, family, friends, memories and just a good old fashioned great day to be an American!

No guests will be permitted on the 4th, we are sorry if this is disappointing to some of you.  The 4th is such a busy day that we feel limiting guests will make the day that much better for all you members.  If you need to discuss I am happy to – Molly 317-709-8041

We have a lot of new members so I want to start now with some 4th of July details and do not hesitate to ask any of the guards, me, board members or any member questions.

  • Even though the 4th is a Sunday we are going to open the doors at 10:30a.  To be fair to everyone the doors will go up at 10:30a and that is when you can enter. 
  • The 4th is not like your average day – there will be a line to get in and folks excited to stake their claim on an area for the day!
  • Devon is blessed to have so much grassy area surrounding the pool.  Like last year starting at 4p on the 3rd you are welcome to come set up your area in any of the grassy areas.  There is space between the pool and tennis courts, there is space down by the volleyball courts and the big grassy field is wide open!  Get with your friends and plan what works best for you for the day and get it all set up on the 3rd so you are ready to start celebrating on the 4th.

We are asking for some volunteers to help with the kids lawn games.

Please contact Colleen Borgert at to see how you can help.  We cannot pull this day off without volunteers, so please reach out and help!

4th of July Schedule

  • 10a – July 4th Tennis Tournament – Details soon
  • 10:30a – Pool opens. No one will be permitted in prior to 10:30a.
  • 12:30p – Water Balloon Toss –The last team standing each gets $10 to the Devon Concession Stand
  • 1p- Kids lawn games return! Lots of fun and prizes for everyone!
  • 2p – Pool Kids games in shallow end. Ages 3-6
  • 3:00p – Pool Kids games ages 7-10
  • 4p – Pool Kids games ages 11-14
  • 4:30p – Greased Watermelon Ages 15-18
  • 5p – Greased Watermelon Guards v Adults – Pool is cleared for this
  • 5:30 – Biggest Splash Contest – Spread out to watch!!
    • 10-14
    • 14-18
    • 18+
  • 9p – Devon officially closes. We ask that you, clean up your area pack up all your goodies, and take them to your car
  • 9:45ish – Fireworks (really dictated by when its dark enough) – The Love Heating and Air Fireworks begin! – once over you don’t have to go home but ya gotta get out!! And we will see you on the 5th!