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We at Devon love the Olympics so this is truly in a fun spirit to have our own DevOlympics.  But I know we have some competitive people out there – so get your team together and LET’S GO!!!!  Now is the time to learn what hidden talents you and your friends have!  This is for all ages 16+ so don’t let the young 20 something’s who think they will win every event win every event!! 

Schedule – of course weather can affect

  • Tuesday July 20th 6:00p – 3v3 Water Basketball and Doubles Badminton – each team for both events will randomly be put into a bracket – the top 4 teams will move on to the medal round Saturday.
  • Wednesday July 21st 6:00p – 6v6 Sand Volleyball teams will be randomly put into a bracket – the top 4 teams will move on to the medal round Sunday
  • Thursday July 22nd – 6p – Shooting and Ping Pong.  Shooting will have 2 people from each team shooting from different distances collecting points, top 4 teams will move on to medal round Saturday or Sunday.  Ping Pong teams will be put into a random bracket, top 4 teams move to medal round Saturday.
  • Saturday July 24th – •10:30a – Swimming prelims (depending on # of teams entered this could be medal swimming) •12:30p – 3v3 Water Basketball Medal Games top 4 teams •1p  – Doubles Badminton medal games •3p – Ping Pong Medal Games – top 4 teams compete •4p – Shooting top 4 scoring teams compete for medals
  • Sunday July 25th – Medal Sunday •12:30p – Diving – Each team does 6 dives using 3 divers.  They can split up any way they want and use which board they prefer
    • 2:30p – Swimming Finals
    • 4:30p – Track and Field Finals
    • 6:30p – 6v6 Volleyball Finals

Official Rules for each event will be available soon!  I really hope you get a team of friends and register.  This will be a lot of fun.  If you don’t have a team, put your name as someone looking for a team!!

We need teams of 8 with a minimum of 2 women to register on line.  We will need your team name as well as your teams theme song.  This is the song that will play if you earn a gold medal in an event while on the podium. 

The entry fee is $40 per team to register ($5per person) Devon will supply water and snacks during events plus medals and prizes

  1. 6v6 volleyball (2 girls at all times, can rotate in players if want.)  Play to 21 win by 2
  2. Track – 4×100 relay (2 guys and 2 girls) and 4×200 relay (all 8 team members)
  3. Diving – 6 dives total you choose high or low dive. 3 people must dive. Can split up dives how you want – judges will score
  4. Swimming – Do 50’s of each of the 4 strokes, but its by a pair- girl/guy. Each swim 25.
    1. Relays will be 200 free and 200 medley, but all 8 people on team participate and do a 25
  5. 3v3 Water Basketball- 1 girl must play. Play to 21 same as volleyball, 2 prelim games to determine seeding for bracket
  6. Badminton – Doubles girl/guy – play to 21 same as volleyball
  7. Shooting – BB guns/beer cans
  8. Ping Pong – Doubles girl/guy

Registration Form