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Work Hours!

Week of May 16th – 5:30-8p all week long

Saturday May 21st – 10a – 4p

Week of May 23rd – 5:30-8p all week long

I am hoping and praying we can get some people to show up and we will be ready and I can cancel some of these work hours.  But for now this is the plan.

There are some projects that have to get done to open the pool and some require skill and I know we have a very skilled group of members – I am hoping some folks will step up to help.

  1. Electrician – 3 of our hanging lights in the pavilion came down over the winter
  2. Plumber – or someone with plumbing skills.  As you saw on the earlier page, we need a new toilet installed and some of the lines under the boys bathroom need some work
  3. Tile Work – We have a few areas around the top of the pool where the tiles have either come off completely or mostly and we have brainstormed how to fix those – looking for someone who might be able to step up and help resolve.
  4. Concrete Work – Todd Gilbert has been an amazing worker the past couple of weeks helping with the worst spots on the pool deck, but there is still a lot to repair.  We have all the supplies, just need some folks who can chip in and help. 
  5. Tree Trimmers – The trees as you come down the drive, the trees hanging into the parking lot, a tree behind the pump house and the pavilion.
  6. Asphalt work – Anyone who has been down the drive can see there are some major holes in the drive.  Didn’t think it hurt to throw it out who knows, somebody might know someone!

IF you are someone who can help with any of the items above – please reach out to me Molly and let me know.  317-709-8041

IF there is a time you can come work outside of the scheduled work hours let me know, I am happy to let you in.