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Items We Need

People text or ask me how they can help – this season we are in need of several item that could make a big difference. First and foremost cash is great – it will go to helping get Devon open. You can make a DONATION on the website.

Thank you to all who have donated money or items to this point! Still could use a few things. Let me know.

  1. Patio Chairs – The chairs that go around the tables and provide extra seating. We have a lot of white, but also have had some colored chairs donated and anything works.
  2. Adirondack Chairs- we have a few washed out blue ones. Would love to have some more of these!
  3. A deck box – one to live back by the couch that 10 couch cushions can fit in.
  4. Set of bleachers – for down by the tennis courts. If you know your school or another school that might have bleachers that they are done with we could use them!

Text me at 317-709-8041 if you can donate any of the above items!