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T minus 3 Days

Hard to believe it is almost Memorial Day and the beginning of Devon Summer 2022!

Thank you so much to all of the members who have taken time out of their days and nights to come to Devon and help get ready to open.  I hope you find the time somewhat rewarding!  A dad and daughter put together a table the other night and we joked if its ever uneven ill come find them to fix.  I love the pride so many of you have towards Devon and are willing to help.

Gretchen and Todd Sommers have been there almost every time we have work hours.   And Chris DuFour – my welding hero.  When you climb to the top of the high dive this season it will be on brand new stairs that took hours to make and 9 more to install – its members like the Sommers and DuFour’s that make Devon so very special.  The fact they still reply when I text them amazes me – they know I want something! 

So many people have stepped up and reached out after the first newsletter – people with skills we needed, items we needed, money we needed and time we needed.  WE aren’t done quite yet – have the finishing touches to do, so please look for my reminds about coming out and helping these last few days!  That being said – if you haven’t been able to help – donations are still critical.  I will update items, but we can use money!  As expected there have been some items give way that need replaced!