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Get Ready for July 4th

If you have been around Devon the past couple of years, you know we take the 4th very Seriously!  It is a great day for your whole family!  A couple things you need to know!

  1. There will be no guests permitted on the 4th of July – with so many members it is our goal to ensure all members have a great time and we really don’t have room for guests.
  2. The 4th is a Monday so the front gate will go up at 10:30a.  NO ONE will be permitted in prior to 10:30a on Monday.  That being said, a line normally starts forming around 9:30a
  3. We ask members if you are rushing in to get a table please only take one table.  If you have one in the pavilion, do not take one on the deck.
  4. There will be a 4th of July Tennis Tourney that starts at 10a I believe – if you are playing in the tourney plan accordingly for someone else in your group to get your area.
  5. The past couple of years we have allowed members to set up the night before the 4th starting at 4p out in the lawn areas.  The area between the pool and the tennis courts and the grassy areas closest to the volleyball courts – tent city.  You are welcome to do that again this year.
  6. Activities will start at 12:30p with kids games out on the front lawn and end with our very own fireworks display.  I will put the schedule of events on the next page.
  7. In order to do our own fireworks display – we run the Devon Raffle every year.  We will do it this year as well, you will buy your tickets through a QR code at the front desk or on line.
  8. The pool WILL close at 9p.  We ask that everyone pack up your goodies, clean your area up, take everything to your cars and then come back in and get a seat for the fireworks, which will start as soon as its dark enough – and when they end you will be ready to head on out!

Thank you to Love Heating and Air for sponsoring our fireworks this year!