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2023 Membership Renewal

Devon has not raised rates for over 10 years – and I am hoping all of you can appreciate the cost of doing business has changed dramatically in 10 years. With the cost of chemicals, supplies, lifeguards, and utilities increasing we have had to adjust our rates for the summer of 2023: 

New / Previous Family Membership – $695  

Second Year Family Membership – $595 (new families joining
this year were told their second year they would receive a $100 discount, so we
want to honor that for 2023)

Couple Membership – $495  

Single Memberships

  • 30 and Under – $250 
  • Seniors 75+ – $200 
  • Everyone Else – $350 

With the new electronic system, we have used all season comes an easy way to register for Devon Summer 2023. Sign up for the payment plan or pay in full. I highly recommend doing one or the other now. We currently have 63 people on a wait list for next season.Current members will have until Sept 30th to register for next season and hold their spot before we open membership.As an incentive for registering early and paying in full or doing the payment plan, we will give guest passes. Families (10), Couples (5) and Singles (3).  

As you know Devon cut off membership this season to ensure our members were able to always have an enjoyable experience and not feel too crowded. We will do the same next season, so again I advise you to fill out the form and renew your membership now – to ensure you have a spot next summer!