July 4th Raffle Tickets

Starting Monday June 20th and running through Friday July 1st – Devon will run the Devon Raffle.  This is an opportunity for you to buy raffle tickets and try to win an amazing prize and know the money is all going the Devon’s 4th of July Celebration – especially the fireworks.

Here’s how it works.  You will purchase your tickets using the form below.  Then show the front desk your receipt and they will give you your tickets.  Fill in last name and cell phone and then drop your tickets into the boxes you want to win.  If there is one prize you really want put all your tickets there – if you want to spread out your chances split up your tickets!

What could you win in the Devon Raffle:

  • Table in the pavilion on the 4th
  • Table on the deck  on the 4th
  • Reserved parking spot on the 4th
  • $50 concession stand card
  • The large area with couches, chairs and umbrella along the back fence
  • 2 guest passes on the 4th (since guests aren’t allowed this is valuable!)
  • Reserved area on deck with umbrella, 2 chairs and 2 lounge chairs

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