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Newsletter – June 7, 2024

Devon Summer 2024 is off to a great start, minus the rainy weather we have dealt with but the great news is it looks like the sun is here to stay for a while! If you are not on the text updates or if you haven’t been receiving our texts this spring, please join as Devon communicates through this a lot!  Text 81010 with the message @devon6.
Olympic Swim Trials
So how cool is it that Lucas Oil Stadium has been turned into a natatorium! I mean two and half Olympic pools have been installed – so we feel like Devon needs to be part of that history.  
 Devon night at the Olympic Swim Trials will be Monday June 17th.  Click the link below, follow the instructions by Wednesday June 12th in order for our seats to all be together.  If you book after the 12th they cannot guarantee you will be in our seating block.   
 Click the button below to order your ticketsOn the first page put Devon Country Club under Organization.  On the second page select June 17th and Silver for the price point.  It will take a second to load due to the options, then put in the number of tickets you need for each of the sessions.  Finally on Page 3, select Credit Card at the top left and you’ll be able to securely make the purchase.
2024 US Olympic Swimming Trials 
Group Tickets
Membership Cards
If you haven’t downloaded your membership cards – everyone 13 and older can have one.  The whole reason behind the membership card is for you to be able to scan in and make the process short and sweet.  Having the guards look up your number/membership defeats the purpose.  Please download your card and if you need help just ask at the front desk, they can walk you through it. 
Download Your Membership Card
Technology Update!
Several people have asked about WiFi @ Devon.  Unfortunately our internet service provider has discontinued the service we previously had and forced us into using a cellular internet hotspot.  Due to the limited bandwidth this device provides we are unable to open up a hotspot for all of the members and guests.  
Swim Team
Swim meets start next week and Coaches Dimitar and Mary-Clair will have them ready!  
The first meet is Thursday June 13th at Devon – so the pool will close at 4p.
Time trials were this morning – the pool was looking good and ready!  
Swim Lessons
Swim lesson sign up is live on the Devon website and all the details are available on the page.  The June sessions have started but there are still some spots for July.  These lessons are for Devon members only.  Thank you to everyone for staying out of the roped area during lessons! 
 **Each session consists of Mon and Wed classes so you get 8 classes for the registration fee, it is quite a deal!
Tennis – Welcome Sam Swinford as the Adult Pro!   
My tennis journey began with youth camps at a young age and my playing career continued through playing four years at Cathedral High School. Over the past several years, I have been involved in doubles, mixed doubles and singles tournaments through the USTA and other organizations. I have many years of experience after working under Mark Noe for over ten years, helping to run clinics. Off the court, I work in real estate title insurance and enjoy spending time with family and friends. I could not be more excited about the opportunity in Devon’s tennis program and I look forward to seeing everyone on the tennis court. 

Sam will be leading weekend clinics this month on June 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, and 30.  Should you be interested in a private clinic for yourself or a group of friends, please contact Sam directly at  We continue to work toward solutions for standing children’s clinics.  Until then, you may also contact Sam directly to arrange for a youth private or group lesson.

Upcoming Events:
The Woody: June 22, 5 pm.  Come try your hand at old school tennis with wooden racquets.  No racquet, no problem- we’ve got plenty.  You’ll move around with different partners throughout the evening.  No cost, and no sign up, just come one down and have some fun!  Members only.  Make it extra fun and show up in your best 70s tennis attire.  
July 4th Tournament:  This is a casual yet competitive tournament with a blind draw matching an A player with a B player.  Sign-ups will be available soon. 

A few reminders for court etiquette as we get into the season:Most weekday evenings Devon hosts USTA matches from 6:30 – 8:30.  Children under the age of 15 should not be on courts during this period, even if there are empty courts, unless playing tennis and accompanied by an adult.The tennis schedule is on the calendar, so you can see when courts are available for use.
Tennis baseball and wall ball are wonderful ways to use the court, but only if it does not interfere with people playing tennis. If your children are disrupting tennis players, they will be asked to leave the courts.
Please do your part by picking up after yourself on the courts, treating our courts with respect, and monitoring your children when they use the courts.
The first Sundae Sunday was a huge success – don’t think we have ever had a line that long!  
The first pitch in of the year is this Sunday at 12 p for Brunch.  Devon provides pancakes, bacon and eggs we need you to provide a side to share and throw in some bacon – people couldn’t get enough last year.  
$10 per family or $15 per family if anyone is going to enjoy the bloody mary and mimosa bar.  Please register on the Devon website!   

The ever popular almost famous tween party (kids in 6-8th grade) will be Wednesday June 19th 7-10p.  Lots of more information on that but wanted you to be aware!  Will update you with details soon!
 We will have a way for you to sign up and help on different committees soon!
Parties at Devon
We love when people want to host parties and get togethers at Devon.  However, to be fair to all members there is a Party Policy that needs to be followed.  As a reminder, parties are typically not allowed Friday after 4p, Saturday or Sunday because that is when the majority of our members go to spend time with their families. 
If having more than 10 guests that are not Devon members there is a $50 party fee that needs to be paid prior to event. This party fee will get you 2 tables reserved in the pavilion.   Their is also a $5 guest fee that needs to be paid for everyone attending – regardless if they are swimming or not.  Reserve Your Party Now!
Final Thoughts
I had a member tell me as she reads this section she can hear my voice in her head, not sure that’s a great thing but made me chuckle.  So almost two weeks into the 2024 season and I think some things are going great and some not so much, and I want to turn this around now.   

I was at the pool last night and I saw both of the volleyball nets ruined.  One has been completely ripped to the ground and the other is ripped which can’t be repaired.  I spent good Devon money on these nets in the middle of last season.  I have seen repeated kids hanging on these nets, I have asked many to stop but obviously they didn’t.  The volleyball courts are there to play volleyball – and now we cannot.  I am begging parents who have children who go play down there to please tell your children to show some respect for Devon as a whole.  I had two dads who spent several hours putting those nets up for us for the season, what a waste. 

I also have had more complaints in two weeks about kids cursing and being extremely disrespectful to other kids and adults than I got all of last season.  The guards have been instructed if they hear vulgar language they will ask those kids to stop, and if they don’t the kids will be asked to leave.  Devon is a place that all ages should feel comfortable and be able to have fun.  To have small children listening to cool older kids continuously curse is not fair to them and is not how we want Devon to be.  Again, parents please have a conversation with your children and mention this will not be tolerated. 

Last week I brought in a new wicker set and a great new umbrella donated by Matt Barnes, thank you.  Two days after I put out the wicker set  I had to stop and pick up 30-40 small pieces of wicker which had obviously been pulled off and I had a 12 year old say to me “how long til some kid comes and breaks that new umbrella?”  I am hoping both of these new items are around for quite some time with your help. 

Keeping Devon a great place to be really is up to all of us.  I know all of you love being there just as much as me and are going to help keep it great.  If you see an issue please tell one of the guards or if I am there, tell me.  Parents when I joined my kids were 9 and 12, my son was constantly sat on the edge by the guards for misbehaving so I know it is not easy to always keep them in line, but I am begging for some assistance. 

Now some good things.  I have ordered new volleyball nets and will be asking for help putting them up as we are going to try adult volleyball this Sunday at 4p.If you are an amazing Blackstone user and want to help us grill up bacon and eggs for the brunch on Sunday text me and let me know 317-709-8041 and if you are a Bloody Mary connoisseur or just know how to make a decent one and can man the Bloody Mary bar Sunday text me please

Finally, if you want to donate to Devon as always we will happily take it as expenses never stop! 
Molly Carnes
President, Devon