Swim Lessons at Devon

Preschool Swim Lessons Starting June 21st-July 14th 6:30-7p

Recommended ages:  3-5

Swimming builds self-esteem when a child performs a skill that was once impossible to them.  Devon Pre School swim lessons are designed for children 3-5 and will concentrate on becoming more comfortable in the water and strengthen student’s ability to perform skills independently.  Skills taught at this level will include proper front and back floating, kicking, gliding, treading water and successfully performing front crawl.  Skills are age appropriate and will prepare the child for success in youth level classes.  Children must be able to take instruction without parent supervision

$75 for 6 classes (want to leave last week open for weather make ups)

Youth Swim Lessons – M/W Starting June 21st– July 14th 7:15-7:45p

Recommended ages 5-7 year (this class can be discussed if younger kids are ready for it!)

Children who know how to swim not only can save themselves when in water, but are far more equipped to recognize the dangers of water.  Devon youth swim lessons are designed for children 5 and over and will cover a broad range of core swimming skills helping students become proficient in the basic strokes of swimming as well as basic water safety.  Students will move through each level at their own pace while building endurance in the water and working on stroke perfection and technique.  Children should be ready for stroke development.

$75 for 6 classes (want to leave the last week open for weather make ups)

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