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Get Ready for 2022!

Summer of 2022 in upon us and it finally feels like summer this week. When you think about summer approaching and all the things you love about Devon – the #1 thing should be the community of members.  Once you become a member you become an owner and unless all the owners help, Devon is nothing.  Being a concrete pool that was built in 1956 every spring brings new challenges – broken walls in the pool, broken tiles, painting that needs done, chairs that need cleaned.  The pool cannot open unless people show up and help. 

I know I sound like a broken record and I really do hate starting the new season like this, but the turn out for all of the opportunities that have been offered has been dismal.  I have sat at Devon by myself many, many hours.  So when you see the hours of work days come out, please figure out a way of how you can help.  We need everyone to pitch in and show up.  Or to be realistic this pool will not open on May 28th – way to big of a job for a few people to do.  As a reminder Devon is 100% VOLUNTEER RUN ORGANIZATION. 

If you cannot find a free hour to come down and help we need donations of money as well as items.  I will list these items out on the next page – but if you would like to send a donation please do so – @devoncc on Venmo and put in donations.  I will use the money for one of the many projects we have to fund to get the pool open. 

Thank you to everyone who has shown up and dug in- Todd Gilbert you are my hero!